- “… INCREDIBL OLD-FASHIONED with a hammond sound that reminds you of Deep Purple. Rough and dominant with fast precise guitar solos of guitar player Ben Wormser. Lead singer Alexander Kühner and his distinctive voice make a perfect memory of the old bands.” (Heilbronner Stimme)

- “High Tide […] convince even the last guest […] the solo guitar player plays with BREATHTAKING SPEED. Lead singer Alexander Kühner convinces with his powerful voice while his band mates are providing a great STAGE PERFORMANCE.” (Heilbronner Stimme)

- “In keeping with style compositions, harmoniuos arrangements”
- “Broad spectrum within the musical style”
- “Professional stage appearance and good contact with the crowd”
- “Well coordinated playing with each other”
- “Professional concert, good song material, really good singer and guitar player”

Judges of the Blacksheep Bandcontest: Peter Morscheck (Guitar player und Manager of Fools Garden), Edgar Heckmann (Blue Rose Abstatt), Andreas Sommer (Feuilletonchef Heilbronner Stimme) Franz und Janina Koroknay (Blacksheep)

-…“HIGH TIDE are writing songs too beautiful to forget within no time” – Popzone Magazin

The Band

Alexander Kühner Vocals / Guitar Ben Wormser Guitar Kevin Pfeiffer Bass

Andi Braun Drums Giuseppe Celentano Keys Jan-Philipp Feil Technical Lead / Coordination